A Portrait of Rick Genest Aka Zombie Boy.
A Portrait of Mr Carlos Costa.

Pony Vintage Slamdunk’s

A Portrait of Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First.
A Portrait of Celebrity stylist Charley Van Purpz
A Portrait of Model Chris John Millington.
A Portrait of Artist Moley Talhaoui
A Portrait of Model Justin Passmore.

The Brooklyn Circus Illustrated Editorial I Illustrated for Individualism.

The Illustration I did for Fashionstyleology’s “Mirroring Reality” Exhibition at Classic Vespa inspired Mozzino’s in Carnaby Street. Poster Design by

October 14th illustrator of the week chosen by Dash Magazine. Read full feature at:

T-shirt Print designs I did for Exposure London’s 20th Anniversary. Curated by Art Comes First.